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If you are debating whether to book an appointment, stop. Book the appointment and consider yourself lucky to have found Joe! We call him " The Healer" at our house. His skills are remarkable and at times inexplicable, but the results speak for themselves. I had lengthy treatment with 2  different physical therapists and 2 chiropractors for scoliosis related back pain before I found Joe.  He did more for me in one visit than all of the other therapies combined.  Each time I see Joe, I reach a new level of well peeling away the layers of an onion.




Offers individualized healings that will bring the entire person (mind/body/spirit/emotions) into alignment allowing for the best possible outcome. I have been trained in Kinesiology (both Touch for Health and Professional Kinesiology Practitioner-PKP), Theta Healing, Hidden Origin technique, Injury Recall, Certified Tuning Fork/Sound therapy, Shamanic energy work, and Reiki


NEW!! Due to increased demand I am now offering Distance healing sessions by email. Contact me at if you are interested. Once a request is made, send me a synopsis of what you would like to work on, I will send an invoice through Square. Once payment has been processed the session will begin. Once the work has been completed I will send an email with my findings and what I was able to accomplish. We can then communicate further to determine if anything else needs to be done. As with all sessions, you are not alone and you may email or text with any questions or updates as to how you are feeling. The fee is $65 payable prior to work proceeding.

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