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Joe is a healer.  I must admit that after my first visit, I was telling people I had been to a magical voodoo doctor.  His use of neuromuscular techniques, energy and emotional kinesiology and muscle testing have helped to release the muscle spasms in my shoulder and neck to a point where I can drive again, pain free. I suffered for 16 months whenever driving or using the computer, all the while trying many other modalities, such as ultrasound, electric stimulation, deep tissue massage, a variety of stretches and exercises, and Celebrex.  Mainstream physical therapy and the pharmaceuticals only gave temporary results.  I'm so happy Joe is on my health care team.  The quality of my life has improved immensely.  Thanks Joe.

Software Usability Engineer,

Cary, NC.


About Us


I graduated as a massage therapist in 1994 and opened Healing Points in September of 1995. Over the past 25 years I have had the opportunity to adapt my practice to meet the needs of an ever changing population.

The newest endeavor has me opening EarthStar Healing Points Spiritual Center with my beautiful wife Lori. 


As a Licensed Massage Therapist/Kinesiologist  I am able to assist you with a perfectly tailored session  to meet your needs. Our bodies are designed to protect us and keep us pain free for as long as possible, and when it can no longer sustain that protection pain or symptoms are the result. They are your bodies way of telling us something is out of sync and needs to be reset. I am able to utilize your body's own cellular knowledge to assist in bringing you back into balance so healing may occur.  This does make it difficult to explain what I do in any particular session, but I hope that the results speak for themselves and that I am able to help each client understand why they are experiencing the symptoms they have, as well as provide the assurance that there is relief around the corner.


​Lori is a warm loving soul that has been involved in the healing field for over 25 years, beginning her career as a registered nurse and for the past 12 years moving in the direction of alternative options. Her path has finally led her to the study of art as a healing modality. She has taught classes and created various pieces of art that have inspired and triggered healing to begin.



American Massage Therapy Association, NC Licensed #273

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